Careers About Environmental Sustainability

Most people often argue that they don’t have time worrying about the world when they have too much on their plate already trying to build a life of their own. What if we told you that these two possibilities could go together?

At a time when there’s a job for almost anything, you can also build a career while saving the planet. You might not have heard about these jobs before, but this article lists the best careers in environmental sustainability.

Environmental Careers

They say you can’t change the world overnight. While that may be true, we’d like to go against the grain and suggest that maybe you can change it in a few years. We’re calling out to all the younger people out there. Check these careers out, and together, we can make a difference and save the planet.

Conservation Scientist

Probably the best career that makes the biggest changes in environmental protection is to become a conservation scientist. These people manage an entire green land and ensure that forests or other natural resources are well-maintained. This means that the natural habitats of wild animals are protected, public green spaces are not turned into buildings, and accidents such as wildfires are acted upon immediately. A conservation scientist makes around $60,000 annually.


If you’ve always been fascinated by trees, shrubs, or other perennial woody plants, becoming an arborist might be a career option for you. These people study, manage, and cultivate trees and ensure that damaged ones are preserved. If you’re unsure about building a career around it yet, maybe you can join training courses to become a tree surgeon first. This will give you a general idea about arboriculture.

Environmental Lawyer

Protecting the planet is not just about being one with nature and practicing your profession on the field. Mother Earth also needs a representative in the court, and that’s what environmental lawyers do. These professionals focus on environmental legislation and ensure laws surrounding climate, water, nature, clean technology, and the environment are strictly followed. Environmental lawyers have an average income of $113,000 per year.


This profession involves working in two different work environments. Hydrologists either spend their time on-site collecting water samples and monitoring different bodies of water, or they could also be in an office analyzing the data they’ve gathered and determining the next best course of action to preserve or improve the quality and availability of water. There’s a wide range of tasks involved in hydrology, and you could apply for an entry-level job in this field even if you don’t have a master’s degree.

Solar Photovoltaic Installer

solar panels

One of the biggest and most important achievements we’ve had over the last decade is solar panels. That’s why there’s a sudden rise in demand for solar photovoltaic installers. These professionals install and maintain solar panels in commercial buildings or residential houses. While it may not seem as though it’s related to the environment, workers involved in renewable energy sources should also be regarded as professionals saving the planet. More often than not, a high school diploma or a one-year apprenticeship will get you a job in this field.

Urban and Regional Planner

One of the biggest problems we face as a race is overpopulation as this leads to plenty of other problems, one of which is overcrowding in a single city. Because of this, green spaces are often turned into buildings, which almost always lead to air and other types of pollution. An urban and regional planner prevents this from happening. These professionals develop programs and plan to promote green living in communities.

Environment Protection Technician

You’ve seen how the police force protects communities all over the globe. Fortunately, we also have careers that aim to protect Mother Earth. Environment protection technicians are professionals that monitor different green areas and investigates where pollution might be coming from. In this profession, you’d have to ensure that companies or local communities are not violating any law regarding environmental conservation.

Energy Auditor

We may not notice it, but our unnecessary consumption of non-renewable energy makes a huge impact on our planet. That’s why energy auditors inspect buildings to ensure that they are working towards energy preservation. By finding leaks and using fewer resources, energy auditors help the planet slow down the decline of non-renewable energy.

You have the capacity to set the world straight. It may not happen in a few months, and maybe not even in a few years, but the little actions you make today will shape the future. Make sure that you always choose the right path. By building a career in environmental protection and sustainability, we have the chance to live on a healthier planet and provide a better world for the future generation.

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