Obese child at home

Unhealthy Living: Signs That Your Child is Being Unhealthy

17% of children in the US have obesity due to poor eating habits and inactivity. Inactivity, poor diet choices, poor sleep habits, poor oral hygiene, and poor mental health are signs of an unhealthy lifestyle. Encourage physical activities and healthy eating while limiting screen time and sugary foods. Fun ways to help your child live

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Children learning from teacher

The Importance of Mental Stimulation For Children

• Mental stimulation is essential to a child’s development, helping them to grow physically, cognitively, and emotionally. • Brain development, socialization, and creativity are strengthened through mental activities such as puzzles or word searches; this helps children learn more quickly and remember more information. • Creative activities like storytelling or drawing can help stimulate the

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doctor holding medical injection syringe and wearing a stethoscope

5 Different Roles You Can Explore in the Healthcare Field

The healthcare field is a vast and ever-changing industry that offers a plethora of opportunities for professionals. Depending on your education, experience, and interests, you may be interested in exploring different roles within the healthcare sector. If you’re interested, here are five different roles you can explore in the healthcare field. Caregiver A caregiver is

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college students stressed

Top Causes of Stress Among College Kids

There are lots of challenges when young people enter college. They can have a hard time adjusting to the lifestyle within universities. Their coursework may seem unintelligible to them. Their peers may not readily accept them into their social circles. Not to mention the huge financial obligations associated with going to college. With all these

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martial arts instructor

5 Health and Wellness Career Options That Pay Well

The health and wellness industry offers a lot of job opportunities. Whether you want to start coaching or provide training, you will find a career that fits your passion and interests. But before we talk about the different health and wellness career options, let us first find out what it means. Health and Wellness Explained Health

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exercise concept

Exercise Gets More Important as You Age / Exercise and Aging Well

Exercise is essential in staying fit and healthy — more so for seniors. A few minutes of exercise a week goes a long way in preserving the quality of life, in more ways than one. Health Three counties in Colorado have the highest life expectancy in the US. Colorado also has one of the lowest

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Ways to Support an Employee With Mental Health Problems

As of 2013, 5.6% of full-time workers claimed that they were depressed. The number may not seem a lot, but that doesn’t mean that mental pain and suffering at work is to be taken lightly. In fact, workplaces are currently facing an increased mental health problem, owing to the pandemic and the anxiety it bred.

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