Conservative Children Unsafe in American Schools

Conservative thought is not allowed in most American schools. While liberal ideals are left to flourish and even encouraged, conservative views are shut down and even considered dangerous.

Silencing and Suspension

In Perry High School in Gilbert, Arizona, conservative students were disciplined and even suspended for airing their conservative views and supporting President Trump. In the school’s view, wearing Make America Great Again (MAGA) hats puts other students at risk. Principal Dan Serrano penned a letter stating the school values diverse opinions—apparently, not when it aligns with conservative thought. Some private Christian high schools in Gilbert, Arizona are becoming the last bastions where free speech and conservative thought are not stifled. Liberal teachers and officials in most schools push an agenda and will often indoctrinate children with liberal ideas while criticizing and chastising those with other points of view. A flyer promoting patriotism will be considered unsafe and promoting hate, while another targeting men’s masculinity or one promoting the killing of babies is perfectly acceptable.

Turning a Blind Eye on Violence

Conservatives and right-leaning individuals are portrayed in the media as being particularly violent. However, in recent times, there are more instances of conservatives being attacked than liberals. School officials will turn a blind eye if it was a white conservative male who was the victim of harassment or assault but will rise in righteous anger if a non-white student or an LGBTQ student was emotionally hurt by someone merely stating facts. Conservative high school students and college students have been silenced, ridiculed, robbed, and assaulted, but school officials will still take the side of the perpetrator. In fact, several teachers and college professors have been reported to have assaulted conservative students within school grounds. Even the courts are siding with violent liberal professors. A former college professor assaulted 7 people with a bike lock and was given a slap on the wrist—a mere 3-year probation period.

Learning Socialism 101

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College used to be the institution where the free exchange of ideas and knowledge was the norm. Not anymore. College is now rife with socialist professors espousing socialist views. College students have grown soft, and the proliferation of liberal arts majors have led to the decline of the value of a college degree. Close to 50 percent of college graduates will work jobs that don’t even require a college degree. Unless you’re in the STEM field (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), your chances of getting employed to a job related to your degree are lower than 20 percent. Courses like women’s studies and race studies offer very little chances for employment—short of being a professional protester. Socialism is being espoused in colleges, and socialism (where the State provides you jobs) might be the only chance most of these college majors have of finding actual work.

Conservative kids will be facing tough challenges in school. A Christian high school can let them be themselves for a little longer, but they will still face violent opposition in college. Schools and universities used to be the haven for free thought and the exchange of ideas, but now they are poisoned with intolerant liberal ideals and even socialism.

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