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E-Learning and COVID-19: Staying Focused on Your Online Classes

COVID-19 has brought health and economic disruption to the global community. Besides that, it also affected the educational system of many countries and regions. Outside the United States, some classes were suspended for indefinite periods, and many students lost the interest to continue studying for this school year.

To discourage students from dropping out and continue their learning, educational institutions and government departments have established a new curriculum introducing online classes. The majority of the teachers and students are still in the adjustment stage when it comes to an online course.

Online classes are not something new to the educational system. Some countries have already carried out online junior high school classes even before the pandemic. However, it is not that popular compared to online courses such as ESL, TEFL, TOEFL classes.

Since the online class is something novel for most countries, it cannot be helped that students easily disengage during online academic sessions. Thus, it is essential to understand some of the factors that would encourage learners to stay focused during an online class.

Efficient Online Learning During COVID-19

Create a Study Plan

First things first for taking an online class. For your semester to go on seamlessly, and to ensure that you have gained optimal learning, make a study plan. Although there is no guarantee that it will be followed every step of the way, it helps you stay on track. Create an attainable study schedule and adhere to it. Keep in mind, however, to allow some leeway in case it is necessary.

Hold Yourself Accountable

Without your professor physically present to remind you of any upcoming due dates, be proactive, and take it upon yourself to stay posted on any deadlines. Allocate enough time for your assignments so that you will not cram the day before its submission.

If possible, ask help from a classmate or a family member if they could be your accountability partner. That way, you stay organized throughout the semester.

Time Management

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One of the things that make e-learning convenient is that it gives you the flexibility to create your own schedule. Nonetheless, the biggest challenge would be developing strong time management skills.

Without proper time management, you will constantly find yourself cramming before deadlines and handing in lousy assignments. Stick with your schedule and follow it consistently. With constant practice, it will be easier for you to manage your time wisely.

Find a Comfortable Study Space

Not everyone is lucky to have a spare room that can be converted to a study space. But all is not in vain. Find a quiet, distraction-free, and comfortable space in your house and convert it into your study area.

In your dedicated study space, make sure you have all books, files, gadgets, and writing materials you need. Make sure as well that you can access a strong Wi-Fi connection in your chosen area.

Limit Distractions

Devote a definite time for school work every day and eliminate distractions. Distractions could range from social media notifications to household chores. One useful technique of increasing concentration is by using time-based concentration. Apps such as Pomodoro and Forest lets you focus on small blocks of time, with few minutes break in between.

Touch Base with Your Professor Often

Make an effort to maintain constant communication with your professor. Whether it is about an assignment or what you are feeling, let them know. Accordingly, having regular conversations with your professor adds to your success. Not only are you able to clarify on subject-related matters, but your professor can give out valuable life lessons.

Communicate Constantly with Your Classmates

Loneliness is one dark side of remote learning. Students, most of the time, feel that they are learning on their own, with no one to interact with. However, that is far from the truth.

E-learning is the opportune time to converge with more people and make friends. Keep in touch regularly not only with your professor but also with your classmates. Periodically talk to them not only about assignments and group projects but also things beyond school matters.

Despite the voluminous and random information available online for students to check, a structured learning environment is still essential to gain knowledge. Despite the pandemic, you should not neglect the online classes offered by schools and other academic institutions. When there is an opportunity for you to attend an online class, you should make use of it. Grab the benefit of technological advancement for you to learn more as that can help you in the coming days even in trying times.

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