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Pointers for Facilitating Online Learning

The pandemic highlighted the convenience online learning offers to all levels of learning. From primary school to university-level students, learners went online to continue with their education. While online learning has been offered for years already, many students stay focused when attending physical classes.

The first online education programs started in 1989 when the University of Phoenix started using the consumer online service, CompuServe. The university offered bachelor’s and master’s degrees at that time. These days, students have access to numerous courses and programs, ranging from engineering and science degrees to simple online psychology workshops.

Even as some students prefer online classes, others feel that they perform better if they attend traditional classes. But with the current pandemic, it has become essential for students to attend online classes to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. With this, students who are struggling with their online classes can consider the following things to facilitate learning,

Set Up the Learning Area

Similar to people who have work-at-home arrangements with their companies, students attending online classes should make sure to set up their learning space. The learning space should be conducive to learning. It should also allow them to focus on their work so that they can finish their work at the allotted time.

Additionally, the learning area should have minimal distractions for the student. This means the television should it should be located away from the television. While some students work best when they have a window close to them, others may become distracted by what they see outside.

The student should also have everything they need for their classes within reach. This ensures that they will not leave the learning space until the classes are finished for the day or before they have their breaks.

Organize Class Materials

One of the things that students should have to facilitate learning is to have the necessary equipment. Thus, they should have a suitable computer that allows them to use the video conferencing app for their classes. They should also make sure they have a good camera to allow their teachers or professors to see them during their classes.

When they have everything, the students will not have to leave the learning space during the class. This also allows them to avoid missing any part of the lesson. This is essential to allow them to do well in their classes.

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Check the Internet Connection

The learning space and equipment will be useless if the internet connection of the student is not stable. If the internet connection is unstable, the student may end up missing parts of the lesson. In these instances, they may have to opt for in-person classes if they are offered in their schools. Some schools offer hybrid learning for their students to give students who do not have the equipment or internet connection to continue attending classes. The students can also check if the free internet connection some companies offer is available in their area.

Participate in Class

One way for a student to learn better is to participate in class. They can improve their participation by preparing for the class. They can do this by going through their books and any assigned reading materials. While going through the materials, they can take note of concepts they find confusing and write them. Once the class tackles the topic, the student can ask the question in class.

Asking questions allows the student to understand the lessons better. These students are not afraid to clarify concepts, which allows them to perform better in class. Additionally, it also broadens their knowledge about the topic the class is discussing.

Set a Goal

If the students are old enough, they can hold themselves accountable for learning in class. They can set a goal that they should reach by the end of the school year. They should also check their performance every week and how they are in terms of achieving their goal.

Setting a goal allows the student to improve their focus and facilitate learning. It also triggers new behaviors that allow them to sustain their learning. It also promotes self-mastery, which allows the students to discipline themselves so that they can achieve their goals.

Additionally, the students can also revisit their goals every month to see if there is a need to revise or fine-tune them. The revisions should be attuned to the situation or any changes in the situation. It also allows them to avoid getting bored with their goal, which signifies that they might not achieve it.

Learning online can be challenging for students who thrive in physical classes. But making some changes allows them to perform better while attending online classes.

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