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How To Keep A Child’s Focus During Online Classes

The COVID-19 pandemic has entirely changed people’s lives no matter their age. Kids everywhere have been removed from their classroom environment and asked to do school from their home. However, this set up has also exposed them to various forms of distractions, such as gadgets, TV, bed, and toys. But parents don’t need to fret. To a toddler exposed to multiple distractions around him, lack of focus is entirely normal.

Whether it’s struggling to pay attention in their online class or having a challenging time completing their homework assignments, losing one’s focus can heavily affect their classroom performance. The good news is that it’s possible to help a child boost their concentration with the right goals and learning structure. Here is a list of things you can consider to help children succeed in their remote learning environment.

Accomplish one task at a time

Oxford Learning says several students find it difficult to multitask since they often lost their momentum once they jump from one task to another. So it’s best to train your child to perform one task at a time to retain their focus. Doing so help keep their mind centered on a single task instead of trying to do everything all at once.

Allow them to have breaks

USA Today says that spending too much time in front of the screen can cause various health harms such as depression and obesity. Although small amounts of screen use are not harmful every day, it may be difficult for a few kids to focus throughout the entire period. So it’s crucial to add brain breaks between each period to give a toddler a chance to relax for a bit.

Another tip is to give them time to exercise so they can focus on their learning. Repeated physical exercise during online sessions can boost a child’s attention span. That’s because physical activity still is one of the best ways to alleviate stress and even prevent anxiety.

Teach them time management

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Consistency is crucial, especially when doing schoolwork. Adhering to a schedule will allow parents to prepare their workday and enable their children to have a smoother transition between in and out of school time. So try your best to create as much structure as possible to make it easier for your toddler to adapt to the new setting.

Before you begin planning a schedule, you need to ensure that all children will follow the same program they had when they were still going to school. That means that they need to start their school work when they begin their classes.

Meanwhile, if you’re running a child care business, it’s best to break down the whole class segments so they can tackle one activity at a time. Unlike toddlers, older students can stay focused even for long hours. So for those running a high school class, consider giving them breaks between each of their subjects.

Keep in mind that each child has a unique set of needs. So it’s crucial to find out what works best for them. You can consider observing them for a couple of learning sessions and notice the times that they appear most involved and what helps them keep their focus. Doing so will give you an idea of the best kind of approach that you can use to help them maintain their focus.

These are only a few things you can consider to help a child stay focused as they continue to attend online classes. Although it may take some time to adjust to the new normal, providing them with enough support can help them adapt to the new set up much faster than you’d expect.

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