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Kids Transitioning to Senior School? 4 Tips Parents Must Keep in Mind

Seeing your kid study hard makes you happy. When they reach the point where they will transition to senior school, you can’t help but be even more proud.

You will surely feel happy and anxious at the same time. Happy, because they are closer to reaching their dreams. Anxious, because you are worried about how the senior school will welcome them. Keep in mind, though, that now is not the time to be thinking and feeling these things. It’s okay to feel them, but do not dwell on them too much. This is because you are still going to help them.

Transitions can be hard and stressful for kids and teens. If you are looking for ways to make this much easier for them, you have turned to the right guide. You can make their transition to senior school efficient and exciting for them through the following useful tips:

Pointer #1: Talk about your experience

You do not want to stress your child, of course, so do not tell them some stories about how you stumbled on your first day at senior school and got embarrassed. Instead, you need to make sure that your kids will feel confident. They will need a pep talk that can boost their self-esteem.

What you can talk about is how you made friends on your first day. You can share with them some of your hacks that have helped you get through your first week at school. That way, they will have an idea of what to do on the school day.

Pointer #2: Help them get their things

Kids often get excited about school when they get to shop for their own things. This time, you can come with them. You can help them reduce anxiety by going with them to the bookstore and helping them with their things.

To make shopping much easier, you should have a list of items that they will need for the school year. You can coordinate with the school regarding these things.

Pointer #3: Meet the teachers

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If you know that your kid has some socialization problems, you can help them deal with it by talking to their teachers ahead of the first day of the school. You can ask them to aid your kids when it comes to socializing and meeting friends. Meeting their teachers also allows you to align your expectations. This will also make sure that you know who to turn to in case you realize that your kids have problems with their studies.

Pointer #4:  Accompany them to orientations

Whether you enlist your kids in a science high school or you have enrolled your kids in an international school in Manila, know that high schools often have comprehensive orientations and seminars. Such events familiarize kids with the school environment, new teachers, and new classmates. If your kids are experiencing anxiety, you can accompany them.

These are only some of the things to keep in mind if you want your kids to transition easily to senior school. Give them the support that they need.


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