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How to Prepare Your Child for Their Future Career

As a parent, you want what is best for your child. You want them to be happy and successful in their chosen career. While you cannot choose their career for them, you can help prepare them for the future. Here are some fields to consider preparing your children for, based on projected future job growth.


The healthcare industry is expected to be worth $840 billion by 2030, due to an aging population and advances in medical technology. There are many different positions in healthcare, from doctors and nurses to medical assistants and home health aides. Help your child explore the different options available and find the one that is the best fit for their skills and interests.

To work in the medical field, your child needs to have strong skills in science and math. They also need to be able to work with people, as they will be interacting with patients and their families. Some positions in the medical field require special training, such as nurses and doctors. Other positions, such as medical assistants and home health aides, may require certification or training from a vocational school. If their skills include critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork, they might be able to make a name in medical research, too. It is also important to be able to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing. Finally, it is helpful to have a strong science background. Help your child develop these skills by encouraging them to participate in extracurricular activities and by providing them with opportunities to learn outside of the classroom.

Information Technology

The field of information technology is also expected to grow to more than $1.6 trillion by 2030. This growth is being driven by the continued expansion of cloud computing, big data, and cybersecurity. There are many different positions in IT, from network administrators and systems analysts to web developers and database administrators. Help your child find the right position in IT based on their skills and interests.

If your child likes playing video games, they might have a future in software and game development. Apart from creativity, they need critical thinking, problem solving, and teamwork. These skills are necessary to design and develop video games. Other skills that are helpful include programming, graphic design, and storytelling. Children can hone these skills by participating in both classroom and extracurricular activities. Even playing video games can improve critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

On the other hand, the other popular roles in IT require pretty much the same skills. Network administrators, system analyses, web developers, and database administrators also need to know programming languages and code. As such, you can prepare your child to learn them by providing them easy to understand lessons on basic coding through apps like Gamestar Mechanic and ScratchJr.

By letting children use modern technology, providing various resources, and involving them in various classroom and extracurricular activities, you can prepare them for careers in technology.

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The business field is expected to look very different in 2030, especially because technology contributes a lot to businesses’ development. The growth of businesses will continue to create demand for managers, marketing professionals, financial analysts, and human resources specialists.

Managers need a variety of skills in order to be successful. They need to be able to think critically and make decisions quickly. They also need to be able to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing. Managers must be able to lead a team and motivate them to achieve common goals. Finally, managers need to have a strong understanding of business principles and how to apply them. As such, these are the skills you need to instill in children if you want them to be capable of becoming leaders in the corporate world in the future. While other critical thinking and decision making can be honed in various ways, communication and leadership are best taught through modeling.

Financial analysis will require skills in analysis, pattern recognition, and critical thinking. These are best developed through mental exercises and classroom activities. On the other hand, roles in human resource management will require the same skills, but applied in a social setting. This is to help them choose people and manage them better. As such, children will need social skills for this field.

Final Thoughts

It is evident that a variety of skills are necessary for various positions in the future. While some skills, such as critical thinking and problem solving, can be honed through different activities, others, such as communication and leadership, need to be taught directly. Parents have an important role in helping their children develop the skills they will need for their future careers. By providing them with opportunities to learn outside of the classroom and by encouraging them to participate in extracurricular activities, parents can help prepare their children for successful careers.

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