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Staying Healthy Despite the Lack of Exercise and Sleep: Is it Possible?

Most of us can agree that the morning rush hour gives us no time for working out and sleeping in. The most physical activity we’re engaged in is the daily commute to and from work, but what if we drive a car? And then we sit all day in the office, consume caffeine more than what we need, and end up awake all night. To top it all, our meals tend to be “rushed” as well, a.k.a fast food, because we find ourselves too tired to cook a healthy homemade meal.

With our lives so busy and hectic, it can be difficult to commit to a healthier lifestyle. But shifting to it isn’t impossible at all. Some people approach a health coach to start planning their lifestyle change. But what is a health coach?

A health coach is a professional who can help us identify our health-related issues and find ways to overcome them. They assist us in making a long-term health plan, as well as ensure that we are reaching each of our health goals.

But if you choose to beat the effects of physical inactivity and sleep deprivation, here’s what you can do:

Getting Fit Without Working Out

Going to the gym isn’t the only solution to trim some fat and tone those muscles. Surprisingly, we can perform some subtle exercises while just going on about our normal days. Start by stretching your body as you wake up. Stretching awakens our bodies and minds, as well as increases blood circulation and muscle absorption of nutrients.

Improve your posture while working. Do you slouch often? Make it a habit to straighten your back while seated. Practise the correct posture while standing up and walking as well. It may feel odd at the start because you’re clenching some muscle, but a correct posture will improve your form and even make you appear slimmer!

Get your legs moving in the office by delivering messages personally instead of using electronics. Take breaks from time to time, and as you do, you can walk to the nearby coffee or snack shop to get more leg exercises. And when you need to schedule a meeting, try a place where you can stand and walk, especially if it’s just a brief discussion.

To get some lifting exercises, carry a basket when grocery shopping instead of using a pushcart. And at home, do your daily chores to get your entire body in motion.

Beating Sleep Deprivation

Nearly half of adults in the UK reportedly do not get enough sleep. A number of health conditions are linked with sleep deprivation, including weight gain and heart disease. Our lifestyle generally affects our sleeping schedule, but we can still conquer the lack of sleep by making a few changes to our habits that lead to it.

Avoid caffeinated drinks in the afternoon as well as excessive alcohol consumption. Schedule nap times when it would not interfere with your sleep at night. Use a bedroom without distractions like electronics, so you can also meditate in there or read undisturbed. When you’re trying to work out, avoid doing it within three hours before your bedtime.

If your sleep issues continue to persist, consult a sleep specialist, because it could be a medical condition that’s hindering your ability to sleep soundly.

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Foods to Consume

Consume protein-rich foods to improve metabolism and control appetite. At breakfast, ditch the cereals and replace it with eggs. You can pair it with meat, fruits, and vegetables. If you’re allergic to eggs, any nutritious protein-rich food will do.

Reduce sugar and carbohydrate intake by switching to whole grains, oats, quinoa, legumes, or rice. Limit your intake of processed food and consume more fruits and vegetables.

Staying healthy isn’t impossible despite our hectic schedules and lifestyles. Practice discipline and self-control, especially when faced by the temptation to consume unhealthy food again.

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